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Prof. Dr. D. N. SINGH 

College has the distinction of being the oldest college of Magadh University having a glorious past. It is reminiscent of the scholastic height and rich cultural heritage of the ancient Nalanda, which had been once an international seat of learning and pride of India. The college was founded as early as in the year 1870.

The college has the privilege of completing 144 years of service in the field of higher education. It has celebrated its cenetnary in the year 1970. This glorifying event was inaugreated by Sri V.V. Giri the then president of India. To mark this historical event, a commemorative stamp was issued by the Post & Telegraph department.

The infrastructure of the college is excellent. There are 4 smart classes equipped with all digital accessories, 25 class rooms, 20 tutorial rooms, 20 laboratories, 1 seminar room, and 1 committee room in the college campus.

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