Mission of the College :

Nalanda College is a co-education College. The mission of the Nalanda College is to impart the highest quality of advance education, provide impetus to research and development, foster innovation in the technological growth, encourage entrepreneurship and strive to solve problem^ of mankind. We also endeavor to embed the greatest values of human life and inculcate the will to attain progress and prosperity in life in socially accepted norms, to remain and asset to our nation and be a part of its pride and heritage.
Our mission is to provide every student with means for top quality computer education, to provide opportunities for all around growth and development of the personality of the students through co curricular and extra curricular activities, to impart skills in problem solving, teamwork and communication, to make them, proficient in Spoken English.


Vision of the College :

The vision of the Nalanda College are dedicated to provide quality advance education in the traditional courses to the satisfaction of all students as well as their guardians.
Motivating our students towards success Involvement at all levels Continual update of all facilities Creating opportunities for on job training Providing education in a discipline atmosphere Quality improvement of faculty We visualize giving plethora of choice in career opportunities in relation to contemporary global scenario to the coming generations of Indian students. To create carrier oriented courses with students focused learning community recognized for its research and teaching. The proposed shall focus on nurturing the young minds to become major contributors in making and sustaining India as a world economic power. The motto of the college encompasses the provision of educational programmes which are relevant to the needs of society, industry, profession and are appropriate for a major carrier oriented institutions.


Our teachers and staff take a keen interest in students' activities and work towards making the students realize the following objectives:

· To be good citizens of the country

· To pursue knowledge and apply it gainfully

· To be committed to honesty, integrity and loyalty

· To develop scientific awareness and scientific outlook

· To rise above caste, creed and religious fundamentalism

· To be sensitive to the needs of the weaker sections of the society

· To develop sportsmanship and have respect for healthy competition

· To be sensitive towards environmental degradation and preserve the ecology.

· To be strong physically and emotionally and to be able to face the realities of life



The course has been designed to give the students a comprehensive knowledge of the theoretical aspects of the subject with focus on proper understanding of the real business world. There shall be equal emphasis on technical as well as the human aspects of management based on human psychology and behavior. In addition to focusing on a problem solving approach and on strategic aspects of management, the management trainees will be trained in adopting a value based approach to management and acquiring the skill to build good human relationships, which is the key to success in business and in real life.

• To provide management education which is in keeping with the standards set by world class professionals.

• To equip the students with new ideas, new vision and creativity, so that they become qualified enough to meet the emerging challenges of Indian business and industry in global perspective.

• To encourage the students to be ambitious and successful and to achieve excellence in the specific areas of management which they choose for specialization.

• To arouse among students a thirst for knowledge and an intense desire for self improvement.

• To help the students in building a sound and balanced personality, so that they become effective executives, policy makers and planners as well as good human beings and thus an asset for the nation and the society.

• To inculcate a belief in moral values as only a virtuous man can be a truly successful professional.

• To give the students the concept of a full man and the way to became a total quality person.

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